Branch County Voters Approve Ballot Requests
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

(COLDWATER) – Voters in Branch County approved several ballot requests during the Primary Election on Tuesday.

Sherwood Township residents voted to amend their Zoning Ordinance by adding a news Section 26.17, regarding Wind Energy Conversion Systems. The measure passed 321-157. For that last several years there has been discussion about placing windmills in Sherwood Township and northern Branch County.

Sherwood Township voters also cast ballots on two millage renewals for the Athens Area Schools. The first proposal passed 40-20 and allows Athens Schools to continue to levy 18 mills for five years for operations in the school district. It would bring in just over $1.1 million in the first year.

The second proposal also passed 40-20 and allows Athens Schools to renew a 3 mill levy for the building and site sinking fund. This millage would generate approximately $568,842 in the first year.

Voters also approved a ten year millage renewal for the Branch County Commission On Aging 5,716 to 2,264. The renewal is asking for 0.2424 of a one mill from 2021 to 2023. It will raise an estimated $360,176 in the first year with the money being used to help renovate, equip, furnish and operate the COA's Senior Center.

Residents of Bronson Township voted in favor of a one mill increase for five years for fire protection and equipment 193-84. The millage will raise and estimated $30,000 in the first year.