City Commission Sends Urban Chicken Issue To Planning Commission
Monday, March 27, 2023

(STURGIS) – The Sturgis City Commission has sent the matter of urban chickens back to the Planning Commission for review and a recommendation.

During last Wednesday’s meeting, the City Commission held a discussion about the matter, which was initiated by Vice Mayor Aaron Miller at the March 8 meeting. At that time Miller said he and Mayor Jeff Mullins has received several e-mails asking for the Commission to bring back the topic of having urban chickens in the City limits.

City Manager Andrew Kuk gives some background information on the matter. LINKC.

Bob Hile, who was on the City Commission in 2011, shared he was not in favor then or now of having chickens in the City of Sturgis. Hile questions if chickens are allowed in the City, how will any rules and regulations be enforced. LINKD.

Several members of the audience spoke and were in favor of allowing chickens in the City. Many of the individuals who shared their reasons why chickens should be allowed said they wanted to have them for the eggs they produced, due to the rising cost of food items. Others sited the discipline of raising chickens as being good for children.

By a vote of 7-2, the Commission agreed to send the matter back to the Planning Commission for review and to bring to the City Commission a proposed ordinance.