City Commission Approves Funding For Downtown Project
Thursday, January 27, 2022

(STURGIS) – The Sturgis City Commission approved giving funds to a downtown project during their Wednesday meeting.

John Carmichael, President of Root and Branch Real Estate gave an update on the project, saying they are still going through the design phase for the building that will be constructed on the site of 108 to 114 West Chicago Road. He says he likes the most recent design, which will blend in with the downtown area.

The project will be a five story building with a steak house on the ground floor and 25 apartments.

Carmichael says funding for the project is going well. He says he has been able to secure several grants and some loans for the $9.1 million building.

Sturgis City Manager Mike Hughes shared that the City would be giving $400,000 towards the project. He shares where the money will be coming from. LINKC.

The City Commission approved a motion for the City to give $200,000 to the Sturgis Downtown Development Authority to then give to towards the project. The Commission approved a second motion for the DDA to give another $200,000 as well.

Both motions passed unanimously.