Suspect Tasered After Fighting With Jail Officer
Tuesday, March 12, 2019

(STROH) - Jail officers had to taser a suspect who battered one of their own during a physical altercation at the LaGrange County Jail Sunday evening.

Officers stopped a vehicle that fled from them on County Road 1150 East and turned down 350 South. The chase then went north on 1145 East before the vehicle drove through a front yard and stopped in the driveway at 3470 South 1145 East.

49 year old Steven Ritchie lives at that address and became agitated at the officers as he exited the vehicle.

They arrested him for operating without a license.

While being processed at the jail, officers found several plastic bags they suspected were methamphetamine and marijuana. When asked about the items Ritchie again became agitated and the physical confrontation began.

Parkview Medics responded to the jail where Ritchie refused treatment. A jail officer was treated at Parkview LaGrange Hospital and later released.