CHA To Survey Parent About Quincy School Concerns
Saturday, February 24, 2024

(COLDWATER) – The Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency is creating an online survey specifically for Quincy School families.

The survey comes following some concerns over mysterious health conditions among Quincy Community Schools students. It will be a confidential survey to collect information.

CHA Health Officer Rebecca Burns they would like all families to complete this survey, whether or not their children are showing any symptoms of illness. The CHA was contacted by Quincy School Superintendent Marc Kramer after parents complained that some students were experiencing seizures, tremors and other neurological symptoms.

Kramer says a specific concern was expressed about water quality in the Quincy School District. There were also concerns raised about the air quality in District facilities.

A letter was sent out recently to parents, saying the Quincy School District’s most important concern is the health and safety of students and staff. In the letter, Kramer says many factors must be considered with this investigation, including things outside of the school environment.

On Monday, Quincy Schools started providing bottled water for students and staff. The Village tested the water supply Thursday.